A Valentine for My Daughters - February 12, 2016

The whirlwind of adolescent doubts and pressure was making regular runs through our house. So on Valentine’s Day, 1997, I wrote the following for each of my daughters:

I have a special gift for you. My gift is warmth at night and sunlit afternoons, chuckles and giggles and happy Saturdays. Is there a store which sells laughter? A catalog that offers kisses? No. Such a treasure can’t be bought. But it can be given. Your Valentine’s Day gift is a promise, a promise that I will always love your mother. With God as my helper, I will never leave her. You’ll never come home to find me gone. You’ll never wake up and find that I have run away. You’ll always have two parents. I will love your mother. I will honor your mother. I will cherish your mother. That is my promise. That is my gift.

Love dad!

From A Love Worth Giving