Agents of Happiness - September 9, 2019

Jesus wants to bring joy to the people of this generation, and he has enlisted some special agents of happiness to do the job.  You and me!  It’s not an easy task.  The people in our world can be moody, fickle, and stubborn.  And that just describes my wife’s husband.

If we are going to find the joy that comes through giving joy away, we need instruction.  No wonder the Bible has so much to say about finding joy in the act of sharing.  The New Testament contains more than fifty “one another” statements.

You and I indwell a lonely planet. We cannot solve every problem in society, but we can bring smiles to a few faces.  And who knows?  If you brighten your corner of the world and I do the same in mine, a quiet revolution of joy might break out.  This is how happiness happens.