An Unmoving Target - September 24, 2015

Don’t chart your course according to the opinions of people or suggestions of culture. If you do, you’ll make the mistake the farmer’s son made. He sent the boy to prepare a field, reminding him to till straight lines.

“Select an object on the far side of the field, and plow straight to it,” the father said.

Later when the father checked on the boy’s progress, every row was uneven and wavy. He said, “I thought I told you to select an object and plow toward it.”

“I did,” the boy answered, “but the rabbit kept hopping,”

A straight line, like a good life, requires an unmoving target. Set your sights on the unchanging principles of God. Let God’s Word be the authoritative word in your world.

I invite you to memorize God’s Word—a new verse every week for four weeks. Hope you’ll join me!

From Glory Days