Atonement for Sins - March 16, 2015

Christ lived the life we could not live, and took the punishment we could not take, to offer the hope we cannot resist. Why? Jesus was angry enough to purge the temple, distraught enough to weep in public, winsome enough to attract kids, poor enough to sleep on dirt, responsible enough to care for his mother, tempted enough to know the smell of Satan. Why? Why would heaven’s finest son endure earth’s toughest pain? So you would know that he is able. . .able to to run to the cry of those who are being tempted, tested and tried.

Whatever you’re facing, he knows how you feel. When you turn to him for help, he runs to you to help. Why? Because he has been there. He’s not ashamed of you. Your actions don’t bewilder him. Your tilted halo doesn’t trouble him. So go to him!

From On Calvary’s Hill