Behold the Power of Prayer - July 19, 2016

What if you could actually see the prayers you pray? The prayers being prayed for you? In John’s vision of heaven in Revelation 8:5 he saw the prayers of the saints ascending with incense into the presence of God. And there were noises, thunderings lightnings, and an earthquake. Behold the power of prayer. You ask God for help, and bam! You lift your concerns to heaven and turbulence happens!

Go ahead. Stand up on behalf of those you love. And yes, stand up on behalf of those you do not. The quickest way to douse the fire of anger is with a bucket of prayer. Rather than rant, rave, or seek revenge… pray. Scripture tells us (Luke 23:34) that while hanging on the cross, Jesus interceded for his enemies. Shouldn’t we do the same? Pray—then wait for the earth to shake.

From God is With You Every Day