Behold the Redeemer From Heaven - April 15, 2019

For some, Jesus is the Rabbit’s Foot Redeemer—a good luck charm used to get you out of a jam.  For many he’s an Aladdin’s Lamp Redeemer— Your wish is his command.  For others, Jesus is a Game Show Redeemer— Let’s make a deal! Few demands; no challenges; and no need for sacrifice or commitment.

That’s not the Redeemer described in the New Testament.  And that’s not the Redeemer seen by the frightened woman who was caught in the act of adultery.  The leaders were going to stone her, but Jesus intervened.  If we could somehow transport her to Calvary she would recognize his hands—hands that still hold no stones.  She would recognize his voice, “Father, forgive them…”  And she would recognize his eyes; the eyes that saw her not as she was, but as she was intended to be. Behold!  The Redeemer from Heaven.

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