Big Things With Small Deeds - July 23, 2018

Do we need a reminder today of the largeness of Jesus’ story? Do terms like “sin,” “salvation,” and “redemption” stand a chance in this sophisticated day of humanism and relativism? Well, apparently they do! After all, where are the Romans who crucified Christ and the great temples of Corinth that dwarfed the infant church? Do worshipers still sacrifice to Zeus?  No, but they still sing to Jesus.

Do you wonder if your work makes a difference?  Against a towering giant, a brook pebble seems futile. But God used it to topple Goliath. In God’s hands, small seeds grow into sheltering trees.  He cures the common life by giving no common life and by offering no common gifts. Don’t discount the smallness of your deeds!

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Cure for the Common Life