Billboards of God’s Message - October 12, 2021

In the story of Esther, the Jews were three generations and more than a thousand miles removed from their days in Jerusalem. The Jews who remained in Persia chose to remain in Persia. Exile had been kind to them. All they had to do was abide by the rules and fade into the fabric of the culture.

The book of Esther depicts a people who are distant from their land. Jerusalem was far away, and Persia was, well, so relevant, so lush, so inviting. The point of the first chapter of Esther is simply this: Persia is lying to you.

Do we need the same reminder? God displays his glory, God displays his goodness through the church. As we worship God, as we love our neighbors, as we cherish our families, we become billboards of God’s message. We were made for this moment.