Certain Victory - April 25, 2017

“It’s time to declare war on the pestilence that goes by the name, I can’t. It attacks our self-control with…I can’t keep a job and it attacks our marriages… I can’t forgive. It even attacks our faith…I can’t believe God cares for me.

Had Joshua mumbled those words, who would’ve blamed him? Joshua 1:1 begins with bad news, “Moses, my servant, is dead.” To lose Moses was to lose the cause. Imagine the dismay, the grief, the fear! And yet, God told Joshua, “Moses is dead. Now therefore, arise.” Moses may be dead, but God is alive! Even so, Joshua had reason to say, I can’t. Moses was dead. And the Canaanites ate folks like the Israelites for breakfast! But Joshua never declared defeat. God gave him reason for faith. Victory was certain because the victory was God’s!  The same is true for you.

From Glory Days
Glory Days