Choosing What is More Important - February 10, 2023

I remember receiving an invitation to speak at a church in the Midwest. I turned it down. If I’d gone, I would have had the attention of a great number of people for an hour. The opportunity to speak about Jesus to some people who didn’t know him.

Is a Tuesday evening at home with three children and a spouse more important than preaching to an audience? I decided to make a list of what I’d lose by saying no to my family one night. I wouldn’t have been there to hold Andrea when her finger got slammed in the door. I wouldn’t have been there to answer Jenna’s question: “Daddy what’s a handicapped person?” I would have missed Jenna telling the story of Jesus on the cross during our family devotional.

There are a hundred speakers who could have addressed that crowd, but my girls have just one daddy! I think I made the right choice.