Collection of Bent Timber - May 21, 2021

One of my favorite places on earth is a grove that sits on the Guadalupe River. It’s a peaceful place. And trees, oh the trees.  They weather the winters, they celebrate the summers. They’re all bent, no perfect tree. Even so, they provide the perfect place to find peace.

Humanity is like that grove of trees. Though we attempt to stand tall, none of us succeed. We all twist and turn. We are a collection of bent timber, and that’s okay. There is beauty in our bentness.

So enjoy the Society of the Bent Timber. Cut people some slack. Reduce your number of pet peeves, be patient with people who pet them. The world, for all its quirky people, is a wonderful place to live. And the sooner we can find the beauty, the happier will be. This is how happiness happens.