Do You Trust Him? - June 26, 2024

The sky is dark. Sudden waves of water tilt up our sailing vessel until we see nothing but sky and then downward until we see nothing but blue. I learned this about sailing: there is nothing swell about a swell! Eyes turned first to the thunderclouds, then to the captain. We looked to him. He was deliberate and decisive. He told some of us where to sit, others what to do, all of us to hang on. And we did what he said. Why? Because he knew best.

Such winds test our trust in our Captain. Does God know what he’s doing? Why did he allow the storm? The conditions sometime worsen, his instructions perplex. How do you respond? Can you say about God what I said about our captain? “I know God knows what’s best. I know I don’t. I know he cares.” Do you trust him?

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