Doing What Comes Naturally - August 21, 2015

My child’s feelings are hurt. I tell her she’s special. My child is afraid. I won’t go to sleep until she is secure. I’m not a hero. I’m a parent. When a child hurts, a parent does what comes naturally. He helps. As a father, I can tell you those moments are the sweetest in my day. They come naturally. They come willingly. They come joyfully.

If I know that one of the privileges of a father is to comfort a child, then why am I so reluctant to let my heavenly Father comfort me? Do I think he was just being poetic when he asked if the birds of the air and the grass of the field have a worry? And if they don’t, do I think God will? Why don’t I let my Father do for me what I’m more than willing to do for my children? Good question.

From The Applause of Heaven