Don’t Be Afraid, Just Trust - January 19, 2021

Jesus and Jairus are interrupted by emissaries from his house. In the Gospel of Mark we read, “’Your daughter is dead’ they said. ‘There is no need to bother the teacher anymore’ (Mark 5:35). But Jesus paid no attention to what they said.” (v. 36). I love that line! It describes the critical principle for seeing the unseen: Ignore what people say. Close your ears. And, if you must, walk away. Ignore the ones who say it’s too late to begin again. Turn a deaf ear toward those who say you aren’t smart enough, fast enough, tall enough, or big enough. Faith sometimes begins by stuffing your ears with cotton.

Jesus turns immediately to Jairus and pleads: “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (v. 36). And Jesus compels Jairus to see the unseen. When Jesus says, “Just believe.” he is imploring, “Don’t be afraid, just trust.” Is he saying the same words to you?

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