Don’t Despise Small Beginnings - July 24, 2018

God does uncommon things through common deeds! A friend of mine related the story of Hurricane Katrina survivors. As water rose around one man’s house, he swam out of a window with two children on his back, ending up on the rooftop of a tall building. Others joined him before being rescued. After an hour on the building, the man realized it was a church. Patting the rooftop he said to the others, “We are on holy ground.”  Another roof dweller proclaimed, “My grandfather and grandmother helped build this church.”

Do you think those grandparents ever imagined God would use their work to save their granddaughter?  What difference will your work make? God’s answer is this:  “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin”  (Zechariah 4:10).

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