Don’t Leave Feeling Unforgiven - December 17, 2015

If only I could believe God’s forgiveness. How can it be? If He truly knows all about me—why would He ever forgive me?

To believe we’re totally and eternally debt free is seldom easy. We doubt! And as a result, many are forgiven only a little—not because the grace of God is limited—but because the faith of the sinner is small. God is willing to forgive all! He’s willing to wipe the slate clean! God invites you to a pool of mercy and invites you to bathe. Plunge in! Don’t just touch the surface! Don’t leave feeling unforgiven.

Where the grace of God is embraced, forgiveness flourishes! 1 Peter 5:10 says, “He called you to share in his glory in Christ, a glory that will continue forever!” And what you’ll discover is—the more you immerse yourself in grace, the more likely you are to give grace!

From Grace for the Moment