Don’t Stroll through the Swamp - November 17, 2020

“You’re gonna regret it.” I waved away the warning without turning around. What was to regret? I took the shortcut. I was on my way to a picnic. The tables sat on the other side of a marsh. The parks department had kindly constructed a bridge over the marsh, but who needed a bridge? I ventured in. The mud swallowed my feet. Squiggly things swam past me. I think I saw a set of eyeballs peering in my direction.

I backpedaled, flip-flops sucked into the abyss. I exited, mud covered, mosquito bitten and red faced. I walked over and took my seat at the picnic table. Made for a miserable picnic, but makes for an apt proverb. Life comes with voices, and voices lead to choices, and choices have consequences!