Empty Vessels - May 8, 2019

My power shows up best in weak people (2 Corinthians 12:9).  Those words were spoken by God.  He was looking for empty vessels more than strong muscles.

Paul proved it.  Paul had been hell-bent on keeping the kingdom pure by keeping the Christians out.  All this came to a halt on the shoulder of a highway.  He ended up bewildered in a borrowed bedroom.  God left him there a few days with thick scales on his eyes.  The only direction he could look was inside himself.  And Paul didn’t like what he saw.  He pleaded for mercy.  He was never the same.  And neither was the world.

The message is gripping:  Get sin to meet Savior and Savior to meet sin—and the result just might be another Pharisee turned preacher who sets the world on fire.  God’s power shows up best in weak people.

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