Family Secrets - January 7, 2016

Most families keep their family secrets a secret! Such stories remain unmentioned at the family reunion and unrecorded in the family Bible. That is unless you’re Jesus. He displays the bad apples of his family tree in the first chapter of the New Testament. Rahab was a Jericho harlot. David was one day writing psalms, another day seducing his captain’s wife. But did Jesus erase his name from the list? Not at all!

If your family tree has bruised fruit, Jesus wants you to know, “I’ve been there.” The phrase I’ve been there is in the chorus of Christ’s theme song. To the lonely Jesus whispers “I’ve been there.”  To the discouraged, Christ nods his head and sighs, “I’ve been there.” When you turn to him for help, he runs to you to help! Why? He knows how you feel. He’s been there!

From Next Door Savior