Feed Your Faith, Not Your Fears - March 30, 2020

I’m just checking in to make sure that you are feeding your faith more than you are feeding your fears. You know if you feed your faith, your fears will starve.  But if you feed your fears, your faith will.  So we have to make an intentional decision during this season of high anxiety and turbulence to encourage one another and to feed one another’s faith.  And also we need to take the initiative to feed our own faith.

So I encourage you my friend, I encourage you.  Don’t give into despair.  Don’t give into anxiety.  We’re gonna get through this.  We really are.  I know that we’re getting new news day by day.  I know that developments are changing it seems by the hour. But let me tell you the thing that has not changed.  Our heavenly father is still on the throne.