Fill in the Blank - November 13, 2017

How would you fill in this blank? A person is made right with God through… (what)? A person is made right with God through. . .being good. Pay your taxes. Give sandwiches to the poor. Don’t drink too much or drink at all. Christian conduct… that’s the secret! Suffering….there’s the answer. Or doctrine…that’s how to be made right with God.

No, no, no. All of the above are tried. All are taught. But none are from God. In fact, that’s the problem. None are from God. Who does the saving, you or Him? Romans 3:28 says, “A person is made right with God through faith.” Not through good works, suffering, or doctrine. Those may be the result of salvation, but they’re not the cause of it. Faith in God’s sacrifice, in the gift of His Son. It’s not what you do, it’s what He did.

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