Follow Me - November 1, 2016

As the Israelites prepared to cross the Jordan, God led the way. Not soldiers. Not Joshua. Not engineers and their plans. When it came time to pass through the impassable waters, God’s plan was simple: trust me! The people did.

Scripture does not veil their fear: the priests dipped their feet into the edge of the water (Joshua 3:15). It was the smallest of steps, but with God the smallest step of faith can activate the mightiest of miracles. As they touched the water, the flow stopped. And all of Israel crossed over on dry ground.

The Hebrews knew they couldn’t lose! They had every right to celebrate. So do we! For Joshua’s people, assurance came as they stood on dry land looking back at the Jordan. For us, assurance comes as we stand on the finished work of Christ—and look back at the cross!

From God is With You Every Day