Free to be Honest - August 1, 2017

My high school baseball coach had a firm rule against chewing tobacco and he wanted to draw it to our attention. He got our attention all right.  Before long we’d all tried it! It was a sure test of manhood. One day I’d just popped a plug in my mouth when one of the players warned, “Here comes the coach!” I did what comes naturally…I swallowed.

I added new meaning to the scripture, “I felt weak deep inside me. I moaned all day long. . .” (Psalm 32:3).  I paid the price for hiding my disobedience. My body was not made to ingest tobacco. Your soul was not made to ingest sin. Are you keeping any secrets from God…any part of your past or present? Once you’re in the grip of grace, you’re free to be honest! You’ll be glad you did!

From In the Grip of Grace
Cover of the book, "In the Grip of Grace." A man tossing his daughter into the air while playing is featured on the cover.