From the Inside Out - January 18, 2016

Suppose that for most of your life, you’ve had a heart condition. Your activities have been restricted. But then comes the transplant. You have a new heart. Within you dwells a new power. You might say, “I can’t climb stairs, I’m too weak.” Does your choice negate the presence of a new heart? Dismiss the work of the surgeon? No, it would suggest you haven’t learned to trust your new power. At some point you’ve got to try those stairs.

The same is true in our walk with Christ.  You have a new heart–you are not who you used to be!  As a result you can do what you couldn’t do before–you can forgive…you can love… you can live!  Put your new heart to the test.  You can climb the stairs not by your strength, but by His!

From Next Door Savior