Full of Years - March 10, 2017

There’s an expression in the Bible that’s always fascinated me. When referring to someone’s death, it says he died “full of years.” It’s used to describe Abraham, Isaac, and Job. Abraham and Isaac lived two of our lifetimes. That’s a lot of years.

It could also express the idea that the years of their lives were full, busy with God’s packed agenda. I don’t want to live 180 years, but I want to live all the years of my life doing everything I can to make sure they fulfill all God wants me to do.

Getting old is inevitable. But are you going to hobble and groan your way to the grave—or race your rickety old wheelchair downhill to your funeral? We’re all going to end up the same way, but we can sure have fun getting there! I know what I want…what about you?

From Max on Life