He Gives Us What We Need - November 1, 2017

One morning my wife, Denalyn, was with me in the car. “I’m about to remind you why you married me,” I told her as we drew near to the intersection. “See that long line of cars? See that humdrum of humanity? It’s not for me. Hang on!” I swerved from the six-lane onto the one-lane and shared with my sweetheart my secret expressway to freedom.

“What do you think?” I asked, awaiting her worship. “I think you broke the law,” she said. “What?” I was perplexed. She responded, “You just went the wrong way on a one-way street!” I did! I missed the “do not enter” sign.

Before coming to Christ, we all had our share of shortcuts. What we consider shortcuts God sees as disasters. He doesn’t give laws for our pleasure. He gives them for our protection. He knows what we need!

From Lucado Inspirational Reader
Lucado Inspirational Reader