God Calls the Shots - November 28, 2023

Every time Satan sets out to score for evil, he ends up scoring a point for good. Consider Paul: Satan hoped prison would silence his pulpit. And it did, but it also unleashed his pen. The letters to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians were all written in a jail cell.

Satan is the Colonel Klink of the Bible. I don’t know if you remember Klink? He was the fall guy for Hogan on the television series Hogan’s Heroes. Klink supposedly ran a German POW camp during World War 2. Those inside the camp, however, knew better. They knew who really ran the camp: the prisoners. They listened to Klink’s calls and read his mail. They even gave Klink ideas, all the while using him for their own cause.

Over and over the Bible makes it clear who really runs the earth. Satan may strut and prance, but it is God who calls the shots.