God Can Heal Ancient Hurt - July 6, 2020

God moves us forward by healing our past!  Can he really?  Can God heal this ancient hurt in my heart?  Of course He can.  In fact, God cares about justice more than we do.  We’re reminded in Romans 12:17-19, “Never pay back evil for evil…never avenge yourselves.  Leave that to God, for He has said that He will repay those who deserve it.”

We fear the evildoer will slip into the night, unknown and unpunished.  Escape to Fiji and sip mai tais on the beach.  Not to worry.  Scripture says, “God will repay,” not “God might repay.”  God will execute justice on behalf of truth and fairness.  Unlike us, God never gives up on a person.  Never!  Long after we’ve moved on, God is still there– probing the conscience; stirring conviction; always orchestrating redemption.  Think you need to fix your enemies?  That’s God’s job.