God Cares - October 14, 2016

“God, don’t you care?” “Why me?” Why my friend?” “Why my business?” It’s the timeless question. I’ve asked it before, haven’t you? It’s been screamed countless times by literally every person that has walked this globe.

As the winds howled and the sea raged, the impatient and frightened disciples screamed their fear at the sleeping Jesus. “Teacher, don’t you care that we are about to die?” (Mark 4:38 NIV).  He could have kept on sleeping. He could have told them to shut up. He could have pointed out their immaturity. But he didn’t. With all the patience that only one who cares can have, he answered the question. He hushed the storm so the shivering disciples would not miss his response. Jesus answered once and for all the aching dilemma of man: Where is God when I hurt? Listening and healing. That’s where he is. He cares.

From God is With You Every Day