God Delivers Life through Brokenness - September 28, 2023

Other people hang calendars and favorite quotes; I have a framed X-ray. The picture is an axial view of a decimated hip. A jarring car crash left it broken in two places. The breakage was just one of several the victim suffered. Doctors feared for her life, and they feared for the life of her child. An unborn, seven-month-old infant occupies center stage of the X-ray, floating blissfully unaware of the breakage around him.

Dr. Michael Wirth, who gave me the image, said, “We wondered, ‘Can both mother and child survive? If not, do we take the mother and lose the child? Lose the mother and save the child?’” They never had to make the choice. The mother lived, the baby was delivered, and Michael kept the X-ray as a reminder: God delivers life through brokenness. Broken families, hearts, dreams—even broken people.