God Gives a Second Chance - July 9, 2019

She was only five years old when you took the photo.  Cheeks freckled by the summer sun, hair in pigtails.  That was twenty years ago.  Three marriages ago.  A million flight miles and e-mails ago. Today she walks down the aisle on the arm of another father. You left your family bobbing in the wake of your high-speed career.  And now that you have what you wanted, you don’t want it at all.

Oh, to have a second chance.  Did you know God will give you one?  1 John 4:15 says, “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.”  God repurposes bad decisions and squalid choices.  To be saved by grace is to be saved by God.  He placed a term limit on sin and his son, Jesus, danced a victory jig in a graveyard.  God can do something with the mess of your life.  And Grace is what you need!

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