God Has the Eyes of a Father - February 3, 2023

Matthew 14:14 says, “He had compassion on them.” When Matthew writes that Jesus had compassion on people, he’s not saying that Jesus felt casual pity for them. Matthew is saying that Jesus felt their hurt in his gut. He felt the limp of the disabled, he felt the hurt of the diseased, he felt the loneliness of the leper, he felt the embarrassment of the sinful. And once he felt their hurts, he couldn’t help but heal their hurts.

He was so touched by their needs that he forgot his own needs. He was so moved by the people’s hurts that he put his hurts on the back burner.

God sees with the eyes of a father. He sees our defects, errors, and blemishes. But he also sees our value. Maybe that’s why God brings hurting people into your world, too.