God Is Not Far From Us - May 13, 2020

You will never go where God is not.  Envision the next few hours—where will you be?  In a school?  God indwells the classroom.  On the highway?  His presence lingers among the traffic. In the operating room, the executive boardroom, the in-laws’ living room?  God will be there.

Acts 17:27 says, “He is not far from each of us.”  Each of us.  God doesn’t play favorites.  From the masses on city streets to isolated villagers in valleys and jungles, all people can enjoy God’s presence.  But many don’t.  They plod through life as if there is no God to love them.  As if the only strength is their own.  As if the only solution will come from within, not above.  They live God-less lives.  The psalmist determined, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You, God.”  Put your hope in God. You will get through this!