God Uses Flawed People - September 29, 2023

God used—and uses—flawed people. He made a promise to Abraham: his children would be like dust on the earth and stars in the galaxies. The greatest person who ever lived would spring from his loins. The story of heaven would be told and distributed through these odd and curious people. God had made them a promise.

Case in point: the family of Jacob. Dysfunctional families can be used, even fixed. No family is beyond the possibility of a miracle. In Jacob’s story Rachel eventually got pregnant. “God remembered Rachel. God listened to her and opened her womb” (Genesis 30:22 The Message). God was in control, through the squabbling, strutting, struggling, competing, and comparing family. The love potions, the surrogate strategies, and the tears of the loveless and childless – God was in control. He delivered on his word then. He delivers on his word still.