God Will Give You Courage - October 22, 2021

The Persian king and his right-hand man, Haman, had such disregard for human life that they could pronounce a bloodbath and then enjoy cocktails. As recorded in the book of Esther, Haman dispatched couriers to each of the provinces with a command and an offer. The command? Kill all Jews. The offer? Plunder their possessions. The date dictated by the casting of the die was still eleven months away. But Proverbs 16:33 says, “People throw lots to make a decision, but the answer comes from the Lord.”

Chance did not determine the date; God did. And even though this book of Esther does not mention his name, it reveals his will. It was God who delayed the date for eleven months, giving his plan time to unfold. And it was God who prompted Mordecai and Esther to take a stand for what is right. And God will do the same with you my friend.