God’s Got This - September 17, 2020

John recorded a montage of miracles that proclaimed, “God’s got this.” Think it’s up to you and you ain’t much? Hogwash! You’re stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know. Jesus touched wounds. He spoke words of hope. Blessings were bestowed. There was a message in his miracles: “I am here, and I care.”

Had Jesus wanted just to make a case for his divinity, he could have materialized a flock of birds out of thin air or caused trees to uproot and float away. He could have turned creeks into waterfalls or rocks into bumblebees. Such deeds would have demonstrated his power. But he wanted us to see more. Jesus wanted to show us that there is a miracle-working God who loves, who cares, and who comes to our aid. Do we not need this message today? Call out to him, won’t you? Remember, friends, you are never alone.