God’s One Goal - June 1, 2023

God has one goal: God. God says in Isaiah 48:11, “I have my reputation to keep up” (The Message). Surprised? Isn’t such an attitude self-centered self-promotion? Why does God broadcast himself? For the same reason the pilot of the lifeboat does.

Think of it this way: you’re floundering neck-deep in a dark, cold sea. Ship sinking, life jacket deflating, strength waning. Through the darkness comes the voice of a lifeboat pilot. But you cannot see him. What do you want the pilot to do? Be quiet? Say nothing? You need volume. Amp it up, buddy! In biblical language, you want him to show his glory. You need to hear him say, “I’m here, I’m strong, I have room for you!”

Don’t we want God to do the same? We’re going down fast, and only one message matters – his! We need to see God’s glory.

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