God’s Whoever List - August 18, 2020

Whoever. God’s wonderful word of welcome! We lose much in life—jobs and chances; we lose at love. We lose youth and idealism. We lose much, but we never lose our place on God’s “whoever” list.

I love to hear my wife say “whoever.” Sometimes it’s my favorite fragrance wafting from the kitchen: strawberry cake!  I follow the smell like a bird dog follows a trail. Yet I’ve learned to still my fork until Denalyn gives clearance. “Who is it for?” I ask. She might say, “For a friend.  Max don’t touch it!” Or she might throw open the door of delight and say, “Whoever!” And since I qualify as a whoever, I say “yes!”

I hope you will too. Not to the cake, but to God. No status is too low, no hour too late, no place too far. However. Whenever. Wherever. Whoever includes you…forever!