Grace Happened - July 18, 2016

All ships that land at the shore of grace weigh anchor from the port of sin. We must start where God starts. We won’t appreciate what grace does until we understand who we are. Rebels. We’re Barabbas. And like him we deserve to die.

Four prison walls, thickened with fear and hate, surround us. We are incarcerated by our past, our low-road choices, and our high-minded pride. We’ve been found guilty. We sit on the floor of the dusty cell. Our executioner’s footsteps echo against stone walls. We know what he’s going to say. “Time to pay for your sins.” But we hear something else. “You’re free to go. They took Jesus instead of you.” The door swings open and the guard barks, “Get out.” We find ourselves in the light of the morning sun, shackles gone, crimes pardoned, wondering– what just happened? Grace happened!

From God is With You Every Day