He is in Charge - October 15, 2015

We need to know that God is near. We are never alone. In our darkest hour, in our deepest questions, the Lord never leaves us!

When my daughters were small, they would occasionally cry out in the middle of the night. They would hear a noise on the street. They would shout, “Daddy!” I would do what all daddies do—tell their mother. (Just kidding). I would get up, walk down the hall, and step into their room. When I did the atmosphere changed. Strange noises didn’t matter. Daddy was here.

You need to know this– your Father is here. Do you face a diagnosis, difficulty or defeat that keeps you from entering your Promised Land? Paul says in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” All authority has been given to him. He is in charge of it all. He has the final word on everything!

From Glory Days