He Lavishes Us with Love - April 26, 2022

It was supposed to have been a day of dreams coming true. But across town, Jack Autry was in a hospital, struggling to stay alive. Chrysalis and the women in her family found the perfect bridal gown in Amy Wells’ shop. One Jack might never see. Because of his cancer, he couldn’t come to see his daughter try on her dress. And because of medical bills, the family couldn’t buy the dress yet for him to see.

Amy, the bridal store owner, said, “God clearly spoke to me.” And she turned to Chrysalis and said, “Take the gown and veil right now to the hospital and wear it for your daddy.” Jack couldn’t believe how beautiful Chrysalis looked. Three days later Jack died.

Amy’s generosity created a moment of cascading grace. Isn’t this how God works? He doesn’t just love us; he lavishes us with love (1 John 3:1). His grace is “exceedingly abundant” (1 Timothy 1:14), “indescribable” (2 Corinthians 9:15).