Heaven Notices When We Trust - January 22, 2021

Jesus once went to the house of a little girl who had just died. Mourners were gathered at the door. “’Why are you crying?’ he asked them” (Mark 5:39). You see, when we see death, we see reason to cry. When Jesus sees death, he sees deliverance. That was too much for the people to take. “They laughed at him” (v. 40). You’re not going to believe what Jesus did next. He threw the mourners out!

You know, God is still busy casting out the critics and silencing the voices that could deter you. Some of his work you’ve seen, most of it you haven’t. Only when you get home will you know how many times he has protected you from mocking voices of unbelief. He knows you and I are blind. I think that’s one reason he raised the girl from the dead. Not for her sake—she was better off in heaven—but for our sake, to teach us that heaven notices when we trust.

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