An Honest Look and a Helping Hand - June 28, 2016

Several years ago, Bzuneh Tulema was the town drunk in Adama, Ethiopia. He and his wife farmed out their kids to neighbors and resigned themselves to a drunken demise. But then someone saw them. Members of an area church began bringing them food and clothing, inviting them to worship services. Bzuneh wasn’t interested. His wife, Bililie, was. She began to sober up and consider the story of Christ. The promise of a new life. The offer of a second chance. She believed. Bzuneh wasn’t so quick. Friends found him drunk, nearly dead, and took him to church and shared Jesus with him. He hasn’t touched a drop since.

It all began with an honest look and a helping hand. Kind eyes meeting desperate ones. Strong hands helping weak ones. Then the miracle of God! We do our small part—he does the big part!

From God is With You Every Day