How Are We Saved? - November 8, 2022

If we’re saved by good works, we don’t need God. Weekly reminders of do’s and don’ts will get us to heaven. If we’re saved by suffering, we certainly don’t need God. If we’re saved by doctrine then, for heaven’s sake, let’s study! But be careful, student. For if you’re saved by having exact doctrine, then one mistake could be fatal.

That goes for those who believe we’re made right with God through deeds. I hope the temptation is never greater than the strength. If it is, a bad fall could be a bad omen. And those who think we’re saved by suffering, take caution as well, for you never know how much suffering is required.

It took Paul decades to discover what he wrote in only one sentence. Romans 3:28, “A person is made right with God through faith.” Not through good works, suffering, or study. Just faith.