How Prayers Get Heard - November 4, 2022

None of us pray as much as we should, but all of us pray more than we think, because the Holy Spirit turns our sighs into petitions and our tears into entreaties. He makes sure you get heard.

Now, suppose a person never learns about the sealing and the intercession of the Holy Spirit. This person may assume then, that salvation—security—resides in our works, not God’s, and that the power of prayer depends upon our prayer, not the prayers of the Spirit. What kind of life will this person lead? A parched and prayerless one.

But what if you believe in the work of the Spirit? Will you be different as a result? You bet your sweet Sunday you will. Your shoulders will lift, your knees will bend as you discover the buoyant power of praying in the Spirit. A higher walk. Deeper prayers. And most of all, a quiet confidence that comes from knowing it’s not up to you!