Humility - August 5, 2015

I was on a flight where the attendant couldn’t do anything right. Order soda and you would get juice. Ask for a pillow, she’d bring a blanket. I had just been a guest speaker at an event where people told me how lucky they were that I’d come. I don’t know what was loonier: the fact they said it or that I believed it. I was feeling cocky, and I grumbled. Do you see what I was doing? Don’t look at me like that. Haven’t you felt a bit superior to someone? The clerk at the grocery store. The waiter at the restaurant?

But her question changed all of that. “Mr. Lucado? Aren’t you the one who writes Christian books?” She filled the next few minutes with her pain. When she asked if I would pray for her, I did.  But both God and I knew she was not the only one needing prayer!

From Facing Your Giants