Immanuel - December 17, 2021

Imagine with me this conversation between God and Satan:

“Immanuel? God with us?” Satan spoke in a tone of disbelief. “The plan is bizarre. You don’t know what it is like on Earth! It’s evil.” “It’s mine,” proclaimed the King. “And I will reclaim what is mine. I will become flesh.” Satan stood speechless.

And God spoke, “I love my children. Love does not take away the beloved’s freedom, but love does take away fear. And Immanuel will leave behind a tribe of fearless children. They will not fear you; they will not fear your hell. I will take away all sin. I will take away death. And without sin and death you will have no power.”

Around and around in a circle, Satan paced, finally stopping to ask, “Why would you do this?” The Father’s voice was deep and soft. “Because I love them.”