In God’s Image and Likeness - August 8, 2018

We are all made in God’s image and in his likeness!  Sin has distorted this image but it has not destroyed it.  Our moral purity has been tainted but do not think for a moment that God has rescinded his promise or altered his plan. He still creates people in his image to bear his likeness and reflect his glory.

As we fellowship with God, read his Word, obey his commands, and seek to reflect his character, something wonderful emerges. We say things God would say. We do things God would do.  We forgive, we share, and we love.  In time an image begins to appear.  God’s goal is simply to rub away anything that is not of him so the inborn image of God can be seen in us! Because God’s promises are unbreakable, our hope is unshakable.

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Unshakable Hope