In Jesus’ Name - July 13, 2016

The phrase, in Jesus’ name, is not an empty motto. It’s a declaration of truth! Your cancer is not in charge, Jesus is. The economy is not in charge, Jesus is. The grumpy neighbor doesn’t run the world– Jesus, you do! You are the CEO, the President, the King, Supreme Ruler, and Absolute Monarch.  You are the High and Holy Baron, the Czar, the Overlord, and Rajah of all history. Just speak the word, Jesus!

And pray! When you pray in Jesus’ name, God responds.  And since God is good, prayer is good. Since you matter to God, your prayers matter in heaven. You are never without hope, my friend, because you are never without prayer. And when you can’t find the words to say, pull this out of your pocket:

Father, you are good.
I need help. Heal me and forgive me.
They need help.
Thank you.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

From God is With You Every Day