Jesus’ Compelling Prayer Example - November 11, 2019

Before amen—comes the power of a simple prayer!

Jesus set a compelling prayer example.  He prayed before He ate.  He prayed for children.  He prayed for the sick.  He prayed with thanks…and with tears.  He had made the planets and shaped the stars, yet He prayed.

Here’s a prayer for us today:

“Father, you’ve made me your child through your Spirit.
In your kindness you adopted me and delivered me from sin
and death.

Remind me today what it means to be your child.
It’s so easy for me to live every day on my own terms.
Help me live it in light of your grace. 

Thank you for accepting me as I am but not leaving me the same. 
In Jesus’ name, amen.”

This is my prayer challenge for you!  Every day for four weeks, pray four minutes.  Then get ready to connect with God like never before!